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In 1962, after the Cuban Missile Crisis, the CIA reported rumors that the Soviet Union actively developed a much dreaded Doomsday Device. As a result of these ominous rumors, President Kennedy authorized the exploration of mine-shafts as possible fallout shelters should nuclear combat become a reality. Tasked with analyzing potential mine-shaft space, developing programs for possible breeding communities as well as biospheres, and providing atomic fueled, hop-til-you-drop entertainment, Group Captain and the Mandrakes entered the deepest mine-shafts of the greater Washington D.C. area, enthusiastically charged with fulfilling the top-secret project, Operation Drop-Kick.

Led by the Group Captain, the Mandrakes immediately deployed. Group Captain, along with Colonel 'Bat' Guano, in charge of fuel-development, Major Kong, demolitions specialist, and Lieutenant Lothar Zogg, special weapons and communications, advocated the sealing off of the mine-shafts to promote the formation of a self-sustaining biosphere. Task Force Mandrake, operating several miles deep in the earth below Washington DC, had extremely limited communications as they employed a CRM-114 device which intercepted any transmissions other than those preceded by a secret three code prefix. President Kennedy, who was beyond thrilled by their progress, was their sole contact on the surface. However, on that fateful day in November, 1963, Operation Drop-Kick died along with the President; as Group Captain and the Mandrakes stopped receiving communications because no one, aside from the President, knew the correct code prefix for the CRM-114. Appearing only as an inexplicable line item in the classified supplement to the FY 1964 Defense Budget, funding for the program was cut-off completely, as problems in Vietnam escalated in late 1964, and the Mandrakes were not heard from again, until...

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